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Divino1095 2013 Psychic Predictions

Taking time to focus to what will happen by year 2013 is not an easy task. A psychic has to prepare his 3rd eye opened to beyond time of exodus year. With due respect, among and against individual beliefs, creed & religion,  a hard rock stones will hit your head if you missed this unread...

State head from various countries will have diplomatic intervention against its terretorial domain in the Philippines and China. Situation over West Philippine Sea seen to be in worst disagreement when second quarter of 2013 begins. Exploring this quarter, another cabinet member of Philippine President Benigno Noynoy Aquino will have his life ended due to heart attack secondary to cardio vascular ailment. President Aquino would however, during this quarter will release calamity fund support to Norther Mindanao, Southern Luzon and Bicol region, as this place will be prone to calamities secondary to weather and multiple quakes. By third quarter of 2013, a revolution is seen to be organized by a militant group and anti government unit, a composite of military generals and high ranking police officers.

A very traggic plane crash of cebu pacific air is deemed to happen by 3rd quarter of 2013, numerous death will occur among passengers & crew. Though, labor group of this airway company is seen to lobby their sentiments on streets by third quarter, this can be resolves adjunct to their petitions.

The middle east will be rained, as it is never on the record experienced severe rains during 2012. However, Syria will continue its war within their government. A royal family in England will have a problem on issue of moral sequel.

Korea would enhanced its nuclear power capability by year 2013. Nicaragua will be down by health threat and dying disease while East of India will be blown by huge amount of water. Politics in this country (India) will face grave coercion as 2 of its high ranking officials will have accidental if not traggic death.