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Why aboriginal healthcare remains a big issue Asgovernments worldwide work to improve the healthcare of their citizens,some countries are making a particular effort to target underserved andmarginalized indigenous populations that have traditionally been amongthe most deprived.

No matter where they live in the world, the groups share manycharacteristics, including higher suicide rates, elevated rates ofsubstance abuse and generally poorer health compared ...

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Post Solar Eclipse Reading

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After the partial solar Eclipse on July 1st, Venus - meeting with Uranus, Chiron, Pluto and Jupiter between 6-9th July will allow emotional healing begin for all of us. You may find that you are particually busy, even burdened at the moment, but this phase will start to make sense as slowly and surely the debris will start to clear. The energy of this phase will help you to clarify, cleanse and assist you in reaching your true potential. To make the most of July, let go and allow your intuit...

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July Tarot

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     The entry of New moon along month of July by year 2011 has a strong magnet for those who were born on themonthof February, October & December. If you falls with these months,your tarot advises you not to travel away from the city or even at home more than 5 kilometers run. Warning signs for travellersdue to a strong magnet is vehicular accident and robbery.

     However, for people living the south east pacific, a big rains is awaiting a...

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