July Tarot

Posted by Psychic Divino1095 on July 4, 2011 at 8:42 AM

     The entry of New moon along month of July by year 2011 has a strong magnet for those who were born on themonthof February, October & December. If you falls with these months,your tarot advises you not to travel away from the city or even at home more than 5 kilometers run. Warning signs for travellersdue to a strong magnet is vehicular accident and robbery.

     However, for people living the south east pacific, a big rains is awaiting and floods is inevitable. People of this vibrations arenotadvised to eat much salty foods for they will be attaracted by Sodium syndrome characteristically with hypertension, kidney disease, liver dysfunction and hyper natrimia.

     Politics in thePhilippines will be astonished by partisans, mutineers will strikes again along Southern regions. A food poisoning is likely tohappened before the month of July ended while oil prices will strike up again twice from the previous hike.

     Coast of Mumbai, India will show some devastations in living due to sudden weather disturbance. There shall be an appearance on politickings 20% changes from old political covenant and will experience of bombings blasted within the territory. A very known public server is endangered of his sickness causing him to vanished.

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