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Is messiah a prophet or a profit? As many people are doing prophecy astheir front of sophisticated readings, views and embraced many religiouspractices just to be paid up by the services they enjoyed rendering. Though,then, they used individual beliefs & sacrilegious to earn out of theirhumble noble traditional healings, foretelling, tarot practicing services,there isn’t lies on the rebirth of the messiah, as an answer to global crises.

 Psychic practitioners from all over the world uses individual &indispensably unique technique, some used scientific technique, others arethrough rituals and tribes vibes. Whatever events do they used, it is on thematter of climacteric effect & the gentility of handling the cases they’reworking. On the basis of their career, no one foretells the reborn of the newmessiah, despite of the so many religion & faith doers, only an eye fromthe divination born at mid 60’s can tell when, who & where is this new messiahshall be born to save the world, to save the globe, in an answer to the crises…(To be continued)






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